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A BIG Congratulations goes out to all of these Coaches who Recruited the most new members to our team this past week! I feel these large numbers come from the HUGE sales of the new program The 21 Day Fix and while new customers are choosing into the challenge pack a HIGH percentage of them are also deciding to take advantage of the FREE Coach enrollment.  This option makes great sense since Shakeology is going to e one of your meals in the 21 Day Fix so why not get the Challenge Pack and save 25% on all future orders of Shakeology! If you see someone that you recognize on this list please give them a personal congratulations on a job well done. If one of your immediate teammates is on this list than for sure recognize them with a Great Big Post on their wall to show them how proud that you are of their achievement!  You know how great it feels to enroll a new member to our team as a PS Coach  so PLEASE celebrate this win with your teammates as they are super excited about adding so many new members! I would like to give a Special Shout Out to Heather Storme and Michael Almonte for an AMAZING week where each of them brought in 7 new Coaches last week alone!!  Also to Wendy Diebel who was able to go Diamond in like 58 hours!  Anything is possible when you set your mind to it and a have a team helping to support you!

WE 2/5/2014 The Fit Union Top Recruiters

Top Recruiters for the week ending 2/5/2014 in The Team BeachBody Coaching team The Fit Union

Become a Top Recruiters of the week

Just 2 new coaches in one week will get you on this list too!  This is easy to accomplish if you promote and host a new challenge group!  Ask you team if there is a new Coach Basic group that you can attend and get your business growing.  There is no time like the present! Remember we truly have a great opportunity to share!

The above link “a great opportunity to share! ”  is a coach link FREE site to share! This page is designed for any Team BeachBody coach to use as way to describe what Team BeachBody coaching is! It may not be perfect yet! But, over time with your suggestions we can make it effective! All of the links there are not linked to any coach account! So that you can be reassured that using the links there will not reset your desired coach! However please support the coach who sent you there by using their Coach Number, Screen Name, or account email address when you do decide to tackle your fitness goals! You will be prompted from the included links to suggest your Coach when you arrive on the official Team Beachbody page! Coaches follow up with your friends and clients when they purchase any product to make sure they are being assigned the correct Coach of their choosing! It may be most effective to copy your confirmation email to your selected coach so that he or she can make sure they STAY your success partner!



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